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We endeavour to undertake challenging and innovative mobile technology projects with contemporary and future features and execute them to perfection

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About Us

Cool Moco offers end-to-end mobile applications and solutions for Android, iOS and Windows Phones, as well as web and desktop solutions.

Our core team of developers has over 15 years of expertise and experience, having developed several products and applications of our own as well as for clients. We can develop custom-made solutions in various domains including streaming, games, retail and business applications.

Whether you need technology consulting or a full-grown product and/or deployment for industrial, educational or business purposes, our experienced and focused team at CoolMoco Technology Solutions can give your brand and product that special attention.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create trend-setting applications of the future.

Our Mission

We endeavour to undertake challenging and innovative mobile technology projects with contemporary and future features and execute them to perfection.

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Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are the future. If you are not in the mobile game, you should be in it today. You name it. We will frame it. We can develop user-friendly apps for any given mobile technology which will be compatible across multiple devices and platforms.

Web Applications

Technology triggers efficiency and growth. A growing organization needs to use web tools and applications aggressively to grow even further. We can develop web applications for all areas of business including communication, transaction, verification, resource sharing, marketing, forecasting, product search, etc.

Desktop Applications

From simple functional requirements to comprehensive office management software, we have the technical knowhow and skillset to produce any desktop application. Desktop applications such as sales management, accounting, materials management, personnel management, etc can be done for long-term usage or for one-off activities.


Enterprise Solutions

Each enterprise will have its own tasks and goals depending on the size, type of industry, working style, culture and organization structure. No single prototype solution can fit all workplaces uniformly. We thus provide enterprise solutions that are custom-made to clients’ needs besides offering software development and consulting services.

Industrial Solutions

The manufacturing sector has multiple variables and factors that define the production and other departments. Cohesive data sharing and timely management or resources save time, manpower and heartache. Our team of IT experts will prevail upon all the factors affecting the efficiency of the organization and provide a consolidated common platform connecting multiple domains and departments to provide a hassle-free working environment.


Hold Your Hand

New to application development. No worries. Our technical and account executives will walk you through into the world of apps so that you become actively involved as a stakeholder.


Once you agree in principle to our proposal, we will submit a prototype to you.


Once the application’s fundamentals are established, we arrive at a consensual architecture revolving around what’s needed in the implementation and running of the application. The architecture will be broad-based to incorporate any new features and streams in future without upsetting the settings and primary functionalities.

Application concept

The core application concept is the heart of the plan. We will prepare multiple draft proposals to derive at the central application in strict adherence to the concept in multiple technology formats that are simple to use

Application Design & UX

We ensure that all the derivatives work in accordance with the concept.


The modules are then developed, and upon completion, the original application concept is revisited to verify that each module fits the universal parent design. Then, and only then, we will synchronize all the modules for final integration.


We will do complete testing of each and every module individually and collectively to check everything runs smoothly, and where required, will engage external certified professionals for validation and testing.

Deployment & Hosting

Based on the compatibility and overall systems support, we choose the most efficient servers that are secure and high on performance.

Support and maintenance

We will give long-term technical support to ensure that our clients’ processes and interests do not suffer any major disruption in case of unexpected technical logjams. Beyond technical support and guidance, we will also help our clients in their promotional and marketing initiatives.


Delivery Evidence App

iOS and Android

The Delivery Evidence app provides you with evidence that your products have indeed been delivered, and of any delivery incidents. All pictures taken are geo-tagged and dated, and can be emailed to the people concerned.

Business Support App


This application supports sales people, dealers and their staff. Provides library of materials like brochures, sales material, images, videos, news and other digital content.

Fuel Efficiency Calculator


This application can guide a customer to choose the right accessories for their vehicle to decrease fuel consumption and the carbon dioxide footprint. You can simulate the selection of accessories, and check fuel efficiency and cost savings. It can also help check emission levels against any worldwide standards.

Business Location Based Applications

iOS and Android

We have developed various location based applications for businesses. These include a dealer locator app which helps a customer identify the nearest dealer based on your current location, and also search for a specific dealer. These applications can be customized to suit various business types, branding and languages.

Music Streaming

iOS, Android and Web

We have developed a music streaming application whereby a customer is able to view a catalogue of albums, artists, playlists, radio stations etc and listen to music anywhere including offline. This app comes integrated with a payment gateway and supports push notification.

Retail Applications

iOS and Android

Our portfolio includes sports applications which support live scoring and live commentary, various quiz applications, and a baby names application.